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Air Traffic Infrastructure

Global Markets 2012

The world’s air traffic infrastructure (ATI) and its complex modernization programs are at a technical, policy and financial crossroad. As air traffic volumes recover from the latest global recession, congestion and gridlock are again becoming visible. But aviation infrastructure continues to erode. Governments are broke and must turn to new fees, taxes, and private sources of funding for infrastructure renewal. Disruptive new technologies and regional differences in the vision of future ATI architectures will challenge the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) programs. Airlines, coming out of a difficult decade of losses, find that they may foot most of the bill for ATI modernization, whether through investment in avionics or through increased user fees to pay for new ground infrastructure. Airlines are quickly realizing that they are and should be the new gate keepers for ATI modernization. All the while, aerospace companies are trying to understand the new ATI market dynamics, as corporate acquisitions work their way back into merger and acquisition agendas for 2013.

The genesis of ATI Global Markets 2012 is what we perceive as a need on the part of our aerospace clients active in the global air traffic management marketplace, for an integrated, comprehensive view of changing system policies, technologies, finances and market potential. Air Traffic Infrastructure Global Markets 2012 will be an essential tool for business strategists and top executives alike, providing facts and insights to support business planning and investment decision making. Packed with information on air traffic infrastructure opportunities, communications, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management, NextGen, SESAR, and their rapidly evolving successor systems, aircraft avionics, and space systems, ATI Global Markets 2012 does the heavy lifting. It provides comprehensive opportunity assessments of ATI markets in 60 countries selected from all ICAO regions. Of tremendous value, ATI Global Markets 2012 lays out the new economics of ATI finance. This study is a must-have for top executives, providing the factual foundation for answering key questions to support strategic decision-making.


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