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A Global Examination

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UAM - Economics and Global Markets is a joint undertaking by respected aerospace industry organizations, researchers, publishers and financial advisors. The comprehensive work herein requires the deep expertise that these organizations enthusiastically bring together. The lead underwriting sponsor is NEXA Advisors, a NEXA Capital company with a well known record performing “Multi-Client” research for the aerospace sector. Aviation Week Network and Vertical Flight Society are both underwriting sponsors and contributors with strong reputations providing cutting edge analysis and perspectives. JETNET is a world leader in aviation market intelligence. The National Business Aviation Association is the leading organization for companies that rely on aircraft to help make their businesses more efficient, productive and successful. NBAA represents more than 11,000 corporations and businesses. See inside for additional details on the Sponsors and Study Authors.


Deep City-LEVEL Analysis

All 74 Cities have been examined and built-out just like the city below


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